Vision :
” Give you perfection, balance and beauty in your life through Gluck laminated floor. “

Mission :
” Provide high quality products with beauty and excellent services for our customers. “

Motto :
Gluck Makes Perfect

Our motto is “Gluck Makes Perfect”.
Based on this motto we always try to give the best to all our customers.

For this very reason we only provide high quality products. Our products have a protective layer consisting of millions of aluminum oxide (3rd or 4th hardest object in the world, used to construct spaceships, aeroplane, etc) and formed with Germany technology, which makes our floors scratch-resistant, fireproof and resistant to stains that match the international standards (ISO 9001). And our products are covered with wax on each side making it more resistant to water.

With high quality products, environmentally friendly, beauty and excellent service we will add perfection for your residential to pamper you.

We also are very concerned for beauty in all of our products. Because of that, we provide colors of laminated wood floor not only just the popular one but also fit to your personality.
And we are committed to provide environmental-friendly products by using a recycle wood for HDF laminate floor (ISO 14001) and give excellent service to all our customers.